AMG - Jiggable Pie

I had to dig this old jawn up. I know I’m dating myself with this post.

When first heard this back then, I felt that this was very misogynistic.  I liked how the Emotions “Blind Alley” sampled loop was filtered for this track.

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Week 7 Toasty Award go to

NYG #20 Prince Amukamara

The Cowboys worked this dude on 3rd downs with his pass coverage giving up 9 receptions and 151 yards.  If anybody can find some other DB out there who deserves it more, give me names with stats to support your claim.

Keys to Cowgirls/Ginas game.

Cowgirls, keep feeling themselves after beating a so-so Seahawks team.

Ginas, should not be afraid of the Cowgirls because they be the defending SB champs.  Look at it this way, the basement dwelling Rams beat them today.

Bye Week In Football.

I turn to NFL on Fox, they’re talking about the Cowboys.  I turn to NFL on CBS, they’re talking about the Cowboys.  I heard enough about the Cowboys from ESPN.  I hope the Giants crack their ass later-on today.  As much as I hate everyone in the NFC East, I can’t stand the fucking Cowboys.  I hate them with a passion with their smug ass.  I’m not cheering the Giants but I want them to kick the Cowboys’ ass in Dallas.

In the lab.

Working on a new series of tracks hopefully for those who want to showcase their wordplay.  I will post at a later date when I feel when the time is right.  Some of my followers already know how I sound from my previous postings on here.  If you’re interested in doing a little something, hit me in my ask box.

Football Sunday with my brothers & Sister

This weekend Recap

Sunday October 12th, 2014 was for the first time in years that almost all of my siblings were in the same place.  The Queen and I hung out with my brothers and sister watching football all day catching up on old times.  Sunday, we watched the Eagles shutout the Giants at Chicky & Petes a block up from Lincoln Financial Field.  I must say, when there’s a big divisional game, the 12th man grow extremely hostile.  For example, the Giants needed a police escort to the Linc and fans and drivers alike started shouting “the Eagles gonna get in that ass tonight” and “past Superbowls is not going to win this game.”  I’m not making this up.  We were heading South on Broad St. to South St when we saw it.  We we’re feeling the energy as we were getting closer to the sports complex.  There were fans drunk and amped.  After the game and at the train station platform some dude was trying to sell an android phone.  We pulled out our phones and told him how better ours are compared to his ending the conversation with “we good.”  Woke up this morning with no voice from singing the Eagles fight song at the sports bar, drunk.  Str8nochaser and I had a blast.

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NFL week 6 Toasty

Rams CB, Janoris Jenkins.

He got burned for two touchdowns and not through the 3rd quarter yet.

Good Morning Tumblr Followers

I’m voiceless from last night hanging out with my siblings at Chicky & Petes in Philly.  We witnessed Eli’s bad dream at the blackout party as the Eagles sacked him 6 times resulting in a shutout.

What the fuck…

What a fucking long and frustrating day on the damn plantation. I know there’s an end to this madness.