Gudfeckinmuhnin follwerz

Good morning everyone.  I feel like I need another vacation.  Been through so much shit these past two weeks.

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Can’t wait

Cannot wait to take my big black ass ti bed and hibernate.

Fight Night Hangover

Nothing better than waking up on a football sunday showing up to work to be bored as fuck.

Floyd Mayweather out classed and outboxed the rough & tough Maidia to win last night.

I like it!

Eventhough I missed the point of your blog (s), I like it! Says the ignorant blogger.




reading a headline that says stevie wonder said the mayor of ferguson must be blind if he doesn’t see racial tension, has killed me dead

"stevie wonder sees exactly what is up"

oh my god


A blind man can see something is wrong in your city, how come you find it hard see that, Mr. Mayor?

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Plantation blues

On my break chillin’ about to do work to the chicken cheesesteak sammach.

Gotta Rest

Last week was so long and brutal on the plantation, I earned the right to rest all day.

Drinking my brunch

Carrots, Spinach, Pineapple, Almond Milk & Honey.  Ooops, I forgot I added crushed vitamins to the mix.

Why do we love the things we do?

Working on the plantation is similar to working at the bar.  I hear all their problems, find solutions and act on them to make both parties happy.

My Full-time occupation is being a great loving husband where at times we encounter obstacles and setbacks on the road that challenges us.  Together, we’re one!

My passion, Music and Art.  I gave it so much love to it, in my development, because it always reciprocate.