GOP, make up your fucking minds!

You have the speker John Boehner suing the POTUS over doing his job as POTUS and 57% of the GOP base wanting impeach him.  Mr. President keep doing your job while we continue to watch your conservative foes commit political suicide.  We’ll look back on your presidency as the time the GOP blatantly wasted Americans time and tax dollars with their obstructionist bullshit.  I really want the Democrats to take back the house and gain more Senate Seats come November.


This became a weird beginning of the week to learn that my brother E is coming up from NC after 7 years in uncle Sam’s army to visit.  Yesterday felt like we’re getting the old band back together.  My predictions about his situation with his children came true that all three of them want to come back Stateside to be with their daddy.  I guess that long trip to Germany got them homesick.  My ex-sister-in-law complained and bitched to my brother that the kids are just like him and to her, he’s an “asshole.”  WOW!  My niece and nephews all know who their daddy is resisting their mother’s brainwashing.  I’m just waiting for the day they raise enough hell that their wishes to come home to live with her father be granted.

I love the old transformers scores*lol*


4th of July grub

I’ll have the its for the weekend.


The location I keep getting turned down for keep re-opening. You know what? Fuck’em.


When Hi-Teknology dropped, this track got serious burn on the radio to the point they did a remix that featured Method Man. I like this original version because it didn’t sound more pop-ish or commercial. Hi-Tek still one of my favorite producers.

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BET Awards

What grade should the BET Awards 2014 get on the rechet scale?

Robin Thicke


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BET Awards update

All the underwear, backseatofmy whip, outright wanna fuck, how much I want you medley.  Where at?  THE FUCKING BET AWARDS!!!



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