I was scanning through my archives and came across this piece I made some time ago. This sounds like a dusty groove worth sharing with my followers and listeners alike. Please enjoy!

This is “god Queen” off my Debut EP “Super” Download it FREE at natashalalexander.com/super

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This was was sitting in my beat archives for a minute and I just want to share it with future listeners & followers alike.  Pleas Enjoy!


This weekend is a WHATTHEFUCK weekend from what’s worse than hell. Last night I was so pissed and annoyed at work that my migrane was making me act more of a dick to people. I’m still a dick today but a humorous one. My co-worker got me two red bulls for the long night of production.


We got to watch that fucking asshole of a king die in front of the ones he insulted and humiliated and was glad that know one answered Cersei cries for help except for the immediate family of the Lanisters (without Terion).  Watching this little shit die in season four episode 2 was such a turn-on that I want to pleasure my wife unexpectedly.

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I went back to revisit an old track put down years ago and did a sequel mix to it. Same samples with new drums and different flips.

Here’s another one to get into. Please enjoy!

20 years ago this happen to hip hop!

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Feel the anger in this track!